I'm a designer, a maker and an artist of craft. During my BFA in Furniture Design at Rhode Island School of Design, I was lucky enough to explore and familiarize myself with a  variety of materials, including wood, metal, textiles, and leather. Since, I have worked in furniture design studios in London and Rio de Janeiro and as a fabrication assistant for a sculpture artist in Brooklyn, New York. I am currently based in Barcelona where I am completing my masters' in design and material research at ELISAVA and the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. Much of my artistic practice is based on the geometries and spatial qualities of language, alphabets and cultural symbology. I see the practice of making as a means of communication and an active expression of our values. I explore craft practices through material interaction and understanding. Recently, I have shifted my focus to local, bio-based, waste-based material exploration and research. I aim to incorporate regenerative practices, natural building techniques, and the principals of the circular economy into my design practice. Don't hesitate to contact me - I'm happy to answer any questions or discuss a possible collaboration.