Material Study, Objects
Dec 2016

Steam bent Rattan, Knitted. This integration of textile and furniture principles demonstrates an innovative technique using rattan to transform the traditional textile practice of knitting into a rigid structure. The long pieces of rattan are steam-bent into squiggling stitches and then knit by hand to create forms in the round. This novel approach to materials celebrates the inherent properties of a knit: its desire to curl and its ability to create volume and irregularity through purling. Purl stitches enter the textile in reverse and when incorporated into the overall pattern, form an undulating terrain. This construct has the potential to envelop, span or divide interior spaces and will embrace the addition of light and color. Made in collaboration with Anna Williams, RISD Textiles Class of 2017. Exhibited at Milan Design Week 2017 and 2017 ICCF Furniture Fair.