Language as Object, Wearable
Apr 2018

Our accents, dialects, slang and vocabulary are in constant flux. In many cultures we see the languages blend into one another almost seamlessly. Some might speak Spanglish at home or use a word of English after ever 5th word of Hindi. Alternatively, a family will bounce between different languages at the dinner table depending on the subject matter. This behavior is common place and widely accepted. However, writing in two different languages across two different alphabets is rarely observed. This visual investigation aims to mimic the blending of spoken languages, but apply it to written words. Here, I examine different alphabets from Europe, the Middle East and South Asia and merge them together into “unreadable” geometries. I hand cut and filed this arm band and broach from copper plates. The broach is coated with a patina and the arm band is covered with a protective coating.