Object, Language as Object
Dec 2017

As part of my series Language as Object, I explored how language has an effect on our designed objects, interiors and exteriors. First, I designed an alphabet of chairs. The print, below, on the left, displays all 35 characters of the writing system in 2D. The two prints below, on the right, show the chair script in use, invite the viewers to contemplate and decipher the text, and give the users context for the full scale 3D versions of the chairs.

I set out to invent tangible languages through durable, long lasting materials that reflect the adaptable, rearrangeable, and evolving qualities of written and spoken language. This chair is the first character of the alphabet of 35 character chairs. Just as language is defined by its context and its speakers, this physical script is activated and defined by its users. I welded the parts and upholstered the seat.